Giving help after disaster

A roof over the aged/homeless.
May 4, 2014

Compassion and love are prominent in our task in Food for the poorest. Natural and artificial disasters are terrible experience especially to the poorest of the poor in our society. Our platform provides disaster assistance to individuals and families during and after disaster strikes.

The need to make available holistic compassionate care that helps people recover and advance after disaster is an important aspect of our job. Christians should always do this as guided by faith.

When problems of such occur, food for the poorest members and staff are usually on ground to provide immediate, short and long term succor to victims affected through guidance and resources. …


Furthermore, providing direct support with unique understanding of needs is very significant to the poor during situations of this nature. With your support, we have done some good measure of work by the provision of immediate relief in cash, food, water, personnel, cleaning materials and other needed items.

In applying our disaster management expertise, we assess the need of disaster survivors and then help to address their post-trauma effects. We are happy that you are with us in this regard.

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