A roof over the aged/homeless.
May 4, 2014
That they may live longer in good health
May 6, 2014

In one of our visit to the Eastern part of Congo, the reality of hunger stared at us as we see the faces of poor and hungry every day in one of our distribution centers. Ricardo, came to one of our local staff to shed tears of joy narrating how he has been starved for four days without food. We could not have done this without your support and good will.

The song “Glorify the Lord with me, exalt the name of Jesus” was echoing from the line as we serve the poor and needy in Congo. This particular singer was an old woman who treks for more than three miles to receive this succor that is only made possible through your demonstration of the love of God to the poor. One of our major focuses, as the name implies, is to provide food for those without work, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Food for the poorest has in the last one year distributed tons of millions of food to the hungry courtesy of your BENEVOLENCE. We acknowledge the difficult challenges inherent in this kind of gesture, but we are always encouraged to do more because The Lord will certainly reward our efforts. We have continued to witness high level of food insecurity among the poor while some are privileged to waste these scarce resources. This will persist if we do not show unconditional love to the poor as demanded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. We shall continue to solicit your support to bring smiles on the faces of the poor and the needy….

Feed my flock

At a time of continuing constraints, and quest for wealth, the needs of those who are hungry, poor and vulnerable should be of paramount consideration among the rich and wealthy. Food for the poorest appeals to Christians to draw a “circle of protection” around the process of giving to the poor in our society. We urge you to protect and fund Food for the poorest, help the most vulnerable, strengthen poor communities and promote good stewardship of God’s creations.

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