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May 5, 2014
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May 7, 2014

Health, accommodation and care-giving are issues that most elderly people in our society worry about. Food for the Poorest considers this a major challenge in Africa and Asia. Providing daily care to the aged in a conducive atmosphere is a major plank of this organization in demonstrating the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Food for the Poorest fundamentally focuses on improving access to health care as essential to advance the quality of life for older adults in our communities. In the course of our activities, we have discovered that most government in developing countries have not fashioned out a reliable and stable policy framework to cater for the older adults in our society.

Food for the Poorest places long-term care for the aged as a priority in our divine mandate to make the society a better place. Currently, we engage in community long-term health care services for the aged, where they are catered for in homes managed by Food for the Poorest….


Food for the Poorest partners with allied organizations, government institutions, agencies, international donor organizations to carry out this humanitarian services anchored on the compassionate love of Christ among the down trodden. Our other initiatives in this regard includes but not limited to the following; improving residential institutions and long-term care service quality, encourage private sector partnership in building community care centers and building primary care networks. Obviously, the major challenge confronting the long-term care system is the lack of both family and paid caregivers, and lack of professional training.

Furthermore, we engage the older adults in social participation and education. This is imperative based on principles of quality social engagement, social justice and equality, adaptation and empowerment, civil engagement and healthy aging process. Food for the Poorest considers this a cardinal ordinance and responsibility of every Christian in demonstrating the love of Christ among the poor in our society.

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