That they may live longer in good health
May 6, 2014
Health is wealth
May 8, 2014

We have provided education and training in many African and Asian communities for the poorest of the poor. For this great work, we say thank you to all who have continued to strengthen the work of Christ by making life worth living for the poorest in our society. We equally noted that many beneficiaries came from families who earn less than a dollar per day.

The enrollment of a child of a mad woman into meaningful education is a thing of joy as we journey with Christ in this course. Food for the poorest wants to cover more areas in terms of book donations, tutorials, free education and counseling programs. This we cannot do without your continued generous support. God bless you as you give hope of a better tomorrow to the hopeless. Our target for the coming years includes but not limited to the following

  • provide quality childcare and early childhood education to the children of the poor
  • offer broad based moral and behavioral tutorials to ensure that children of the poor grow to be good citizens of the society.
  • we intend to structure post-secondary school training for technical competence
  • provision of adult education to poor families.
  • build more free schools for the poor.

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