That they may live longer in good health
May 6, 2014
Health is wealth
May 8, 2014



Food for the poorest believes that the poor in our communities need and require meaningful learning opportunities so as to break away from the circle of poverty, and more so activate their potentials for a better tomorrow. When we provide this necessity to the less-privileged, we solidly establish them for a positive contribution to the society. It blesses them and enriches their lives and lives of their relatives.

In many of our missions, we have experienced first-hand, the menace of lack of educational opportunities among the poor and down trodden. Children from poor families struggle in schools, and many drop out due to lack of funds, this hinders their personal development as well as provision to live a good life….

Through your support, we are doing our best to remedy the situation by providing free and qualitative education to this category of persons. Poor and uneducated minds are the most vulnerable to manipulation and recruitment into dangerous organizations.


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