Educating the mind
May 7, 2014

In Food for the poorest, our slogan is “a good health, a good service to God”. So that many may have the best chance to reach their full potentials when they have good body, mind, and spirit. Christians must thrive to provide the opportunity for good health services to the poor among us.

As humans, we all experience health issues, but the pathetic situation is when an individual cannot afford good health services as predominantly witnessed in poor communities in Africa and Asia. “My heart bleeds each time we go for medical mission” says Carol, a volunteer worker from Sudan. It is very obvious that the poor apart from funds, faces great challenges in getting information and care they need, leading to Diabetes, Obesity, Chronic illness and sudden death.

Food for the poorest help the poor protect their health by providing medical materials, drugs, behavioral health services, health education and treatment among the poor….


With your continuous support, prayers and contributions, we shall endeavor to tackle these challenges in poor communities in Africa and Asia. All must uphold the principle of respect to human life and prioritize concern for the poor. We plan to expand our scope in health services delivery among the poor in compassion and love of Christ. We pray for your enablement to encourage this task because GOD HIMSELF IS ABLE.

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