A roof over the aged/homeless.

Giving help after disaster
May 4, 2014
Feed my flock
May 5, 2014

Safe, decent and affordable shelter is a sine qua non to every human being irrespective of status. It is a major principle of human existence. Unfortunately, the poor in our society lacks this critical issue that enhances human wellbeing, growth and development. A roof (shelter) provides a suitable foundation which leads to a productive living.

Food for the poorest observed regrettably that while adults are attributed with homelessness, the alarming dimension is that most of them are head of families with children. The poor among us faces a number of challenges that threaten and jeopardize their ability to have a suitable roof over their head.

We hope that with your collaboration, we shall continue to do more for families of the poor who are suffering due to lack of shelter. Paucity of funds has slowed us down in this area. In response, we call individual donors, and agencies to offer spectrum of services to mitigate this challenge among the poor. …

This collaboration could come in terms of utility assistance, shelter services, build houses and provide building materials. Financial assistance can be provided to the poor for rent. We have provided emergency shelter for the poor in some areas to ameliorate their housing problems.

In everything, we are admonished to give thanks. To all our partners, supporters, and donors, we say God Bless you all. We are optimistic that with you around, much will be achieved in subsequent years.

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